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Leaving Rogers – trying to, that is.

After spending a few hours trying to get the reply form on my website working, I realized that I probably had it right, so I inspected the environment with my web host – Rogers. It seems the scripts directory was missing. I sent Rogers an email and they got back to me something along the line of: “The basic level of hosting does not include scripting. To get this feature you must have the next level of service.” Now to me, a basic level should include scripting, and the reply form feature was not listed on their website. Before placing my site with Rogers, I did some research and found many webhosts, some even free, who could have hosted my site, but, the evil I know.., besides I have heard horror stories about web hosts going out of business and websites being stuck in the middle for weeks and months before it gets sorted out. Rogers has been around for decades and, well, I use them for cable tv, so I get a bit of a discount. Anyway, the basic service is $15 a month – pretty steep, but I figured, hey, I feel safe.

Rogers wanted another $5 per month for the reply form. Another fellow I knew from (a successful loan applicant) was involved with website “stuff”, so I dropped him a line. He said he could do it for $10 a month and would even throw in a redesign of my ugly website. I jumped at the opportunity (not feeling upset that he didn’t like the website, it was my first in a few years, and yes, it is ugly). I called Rogers back. “Why are you leaving?” I explained the script thing and the extra $5 and how they had upset me – again (I won’t go through my wireless bill today) – and that I had somebody to do it for me at half price. The fellow at the other end says “but you are at the cheapest rate with us”.

Now if you want to stump me for a minute, there is nothing like a perfectly placed non sequitor to do the job. Huh ?

I finally made it clear that I had had enough and how could I get this change to happen. “You need to give us 60 days notice” “What about my domain name?” “What about it” “I want to move it to my new host, how do I do that?” “Just contact us” “That’s what I am doing right now, how do I do it?” “Send us an email” “Where, to whom?” “Us” “Can I talk to somebody who knows what is going on?” “I know what’s going on” “Ok, I need to talk to somebody else” “Hold please”

The next guy was from the tech department (not customer service) and he had me set up in about 30 seconds.

Two days later I got a call on my cell phone. It was a totally automated follow-up survey – answer the questions by entering the corresponding number on your telephone keypad, it will only take 3 minutes and you will get the opportunity to make any comments you like at the end. No free McDonald’s coupons, no reduction on your phone bill.

Rogers cared so much that they paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an automated system to find out why I was leaving a $15 a month service that nets about $14.75 a month in gross profit, over a feature that would cost them ten cents a month (if anything).

I hung up.


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